Tooth Staining while on Zellies System


My wife is very concerned as a brown stain has appeared between her teeth (most of them). It’s brown and looks like it should be able to be flossed out but it won’t. she also has a brush the hygienist gave her and that doesn’t remove the stain either. any ideas ??? She says that the stain has been there for quite a while but has gotten worse.

Thanks for any help/ideas as to how to proceed.

Hi J:

If you keep on my system with sufficient xylitol, one quick cleaning at the dentist should take care of this thin band of stain.

This stain is most likely dead plaque so once it is gone She should be free and clear of any more in the future.

Here is a link to the website that gives a complete explanation

I think She will agree that her gum health has improved over the past 6 months while on my toothcare system. For a while she had not been eating enough xylitol to “kill” the plaque completely.

Now she has plaque bacteria under control, so the “happy dental clock” starts ticking!

When you improve oral health there are stages and if you improve it quickly the first six months involves getting the old plaque to go away. Unfortunately the old, sticky, dead plaque has to go somewhere. Since sticky plaque it attached to teeth by gluey tendrils  it is very hard to scrape off.

The new healthy mouth germs are not sticky so rinses and brushing are all you need to remove them.

Your hygienist should give your wife a cleaning (along with commendation on her gum health) Then (if she continues on my program) this will all be a one time experience and the introduction to a lifetime of oral health.

Let me know if you need more explanation. I can give you the biology of what is happening in more detail but I think you should wait to read about it in Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye!

Have a great weekend,
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