Sugar is not "bad" for teeth

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I am a healthy 32 yr old male. I recently discovered white spots of demineralization on my teeth. My diet doesn’t consist of a lot of sugars, but I believe they are from the acid in diet sodas and sports drinks. I was shocked this was happening. All my life I believed sugars were the culprits. I never would have believed acidity of beverages would do it. I have been following your system of remineralization and have some questions.

1) How long on average should it take to remineralize?
2) Will these spots of demineralization disappear completely?
3) If not, what should I do cosmeticly (lumineers, bleaching, dentures… ok maybe not but you get the point)?

I know you are a busy person, so in advance thank you so much for your blog and your response


Hi K,

Teeth are much like bones in structure they are “designed” to regenerate themselves.
On a cellular level, our bones break down and repair all the time.This process keeps bones strong and young.

Teeth are demineralized daily….. but minerals are naturally replaced. Damage is seen when there is too much breakdown and not enough repair each day.

Conversely, teeth will get stronger when there is more repair than breakdown. It is a question of balance between breakdown and repair. My system tips the balance, so that you get lots of repair!

I would suggest that if you use my complete mouth care system (including sufficient xylitol) you will see dramatic improvements. It appears that Zellies gum works particularly well but you should eat either mints or gum after every drink, meal and snack.

This is critical for your success.

I would suggest you use my system for three months day and night rinsing and xylitol all day long small amounts to equal at least 6.5 grams.

Mark three months ahead on a calendar and stop peering too much at your teeth between now and then! I think you will see good improvement in three months not complete perhaps, but you will know this is working.

Give your teeth a really good “soak” in the final rinse of the system the ACT every day. The combined use of ACT and xylitol is necessary for healing these white spots quickly. Use my system exactly as described it is like a cake recipe it will not work if you change the order or the ingredients!

If you like what you see in three months, I would suggest you continue for at least six months more before thinking of doing anything else. The idea of bleaching is really not indicated for demineralized teeth since bleaching products are usually extremely acidic and take more minerals from your teeth.

I would be interested to hear how this works for you how about before and after pictures ?
Give this healing process time at least three months because it is going to repair your teeth for life this is a genuine fix not an instant fix!

Thanks for your question I am here if you need more help,

Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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