How Much Xylitol?

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I was at Whole Foods today and purchased 100% Pure Natural Xylitol Sweetener. Will this be okay to use through out the day after meals? Do you any suggestions of how I could use it?

Thanks again for all your help!

Hi A,

You need at least a teaspoon and a half of xylitol per day.
It does not matter if you eat it in granular form, as mints or gum or even dissolved in a little water.

If you add granular xylitol as an ingredient in foods and drinks you will get antibacterial effects (plaque reduction) but you will not get remineralizing benefits. You only get the remineralizing benefits( strengthening teeth) if you have the xylitol alone in your mouth ( mints, gum or granular) after meals and drinks.

For this reason, I do not suggest mixing xylitol into drinks and foods for dental health. (Of course xylitol can be used as a healthy ingredient sugar and it is a great sugar alternative for diabetics but I am here to explain about teeth).

You will derive more oral health benefit if you eat and drink as usual (obviously I suggest you select healthy foods and drinks) but eat pure xylitol immediately after these foods and drinks. You should use xylitol after meals, and split your daily amount into small quantities, to eat after each item you eat or drink during the day. If you have breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, snack and dinner you will need to consume about a quarter of a teaspoon five times a day.

Here is some math for you:
One teaspoon of xylitol is 4 grams
8 Zellie mints equal this same amount ( each mint is 0.5 grams)
Zellies Cool mint and fruit gum is 0.7 grams
Zellies new Fresh Mint and Cinnamon gum is one full gram of xylitol per piece (to make the math easier!!)

So you can suit yourself – mix it up: granular, mints, gum etc….it does not matter. Just protect your teeth after every meal, snack, cookie or drink with a little xylitol!

Hope this explains the way to enjoy oral health. Easy? I think so!

Best Wishes and thanks for your question,

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