How Much Mouth Rinse?

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I was wondering, how much if the Closys rinse should I use each time I rinse? I could not find it on the packaging or the bottle. I am excited to start this treatment!

Thank you for your help!

Hi AO,

Rinse manufacturers would love you to take big mouth-fulls (is that a word?) of their rinses so you purchase more!

The rinses in my system work with smaller amounts than the labels describe so economize if you like.

I would advise you simply to use an amount that is comfortable for your own mouth just enough to swish around. More rinse will not improve the outcome! It is more important to understand the length of time each rinse is used.

Closys needs time to pick up debris from around your teeth give it time to swish around back molar teeth (where most gum disease happens). If you have a gum problem around front teeth make sure the swishing includes this area. Use Closys for at least a minute and longer will not be a problem.

Listerine is acidic (we are going to use this as a positive thing to enhance the effects of ACT). But do not let acidic liquids soaking into teeth for too long. Use Listerine for 30 seconds.Vigorous swishing is what you want with Listerine. Swish it for 30 seconds with “swish force” to move it through the gaps between your teeth it is like liquid floss!

ACT is the protective, moisturizing “lotion” for your teeth. The longer ACT is in contact with your teeth the stronger your teeth will become. After you spit out ACT a residue remains in the pits and fissures of your teeth (the places that get cavities and decay). Use ACT rinse for a couple of minutes  spit out well, but try not to eat or drink for half an hour after using. If possible, make this rinse the last thing before going to bed so that this residue will linger on your teeth while you sleep.

Thanks for the question I hope this helps!

Ellie Phillips DDS
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