Can Dental Sealants Be Removed?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hi, my 14 year old son recently had sealants put on some of his teeth in order to prevent cavities because the dentist said the tooth ailment was soft so it was susceptible to becoming a cavity.

But, after learning about the chemicals used in the sealants, we both think that we might want them removed. He also just got his braces off not to long ago, which he did not like at all, and said that he is sick of having stuff put in his mouth and that they annoy him when h e bites down, like there is a popcorn kernel in his teeth or something, but back to the main point of my message. 

I was wondering if you knew of any ways that we could remove his sealants ourselves without going to a dentist. We just moved from Virginia to Arkansas and don’t have a dentist we could go to. If we did go to a dentist would they remove the sealants without any of his medical records, do dentist even remove sealants? 

Lastly if we did remove his sealants, could you suggest alternatives for preventing cavities? well that’s all 



Hi S,

Sorry we “met” late but don’t feel too bad. My 22 year old has sealants on her teeth because ten years ago I believed in them! I worry about the chemicals in them, but I did not remove them because removal is difficult.

I think your son will quickly wear the sealants down and they should be comfortable in about a month.

The most important thing is that you and your family learn about the preventive benefits of xylitol. Eating at least 6 grams of xylitol each day will slowly eradicate germs that cause cavities and offer real dental prevention. Making sure the entire family has healthy oral bacteria is important for oral health.

Also, toothbrushes need to be cleaned every day use Listerine and swish the brush head in this solution rinse and air dry completely.

Keep your brushes away from the toilet area.

I would encourage you to try the Complete Mouth Care system it is the best way to care for adult teeth. Try it for a couple of weeks and then asses how your teeth feel I would be delighted to hear feedback!

Good luck and I am glad you found our Zellies website.
Please keep in touch.


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  • Ray says:

    I just had sealants put in and I touched it and a little bit of it came off. Do I need to go back again? Are dental sealants supposed to come off that easily?

    • I dislike dental sealants for many reasons and I counseled people to avoid them if possible. Chipping is one hazard. You should go back and check it because this could create a food trap or access for liquids to percolate under the sealant.

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