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Dear Dr. Ellie

I have some concerns regarding all the acid erosion issues I’ve read lately. I apparently grind my teeth at night (I wear a mouth guard every night), which led to some gum issues in the past. Thankfully, I’ve found a routine and the periodontal pockets are back to normal for the past 2 years. I floss and use the Oxyfresh system (fluoride toothpaste followed by the Lemon-Mint Power Rinse with Xylitol, and use the Oxyfresh gum irrigation system at night, followed by the brush / rinse).

I am concerned now about acid erosion due to drinking wine / coffee / tea (commercial black or green tea sweetened with honey). I don’t want to switch from the toothpaste and rinse that I have had great success with my gums, and I don’t seem to have any cavity issues (my dentist scrapes VERY little tartar off my teeth and says I have great oral hygiene).

The problem is that the bruxism causes those “white spots” on the teeth cusps, and I have some erosion on the back side (bottom) of my front teeth, probably due to the grinding (and possibly from the mouthpiece itself could be from softened enamel from previous acidity issues).

Any suggestions of how to avoid additional erosion? I usually swish water after each meal, after drinking, even after using Listerine when I wake up. I’ve heard waiting at least 30 minutes after acidic foods / drinks before brushing allows the enamel to harden up a bit.

I don’t want to give up coffee (I use creamer and sugar), tea, and wine, but I don’t want to constantly worry about it either.

Thank you!

Hi JD,

Loss of enamel is always associated with acidity in the mouth. You mention several things like wine, coffee and tea.

Most drinks are acidic, fruits are acidic (lemon juice, orange juice etc) but even your own saliva can dissolve tooth enamel. One of the worst mouth acids is from acid reflux this often causes teeth to erode.

I think that Oxyfresh is a good system but I think my approach is better because I address gum and tooth health! I actually have several people who have switched and would never go back. But this was not your question for me.

It sounds as if you have continuous acid damage happening probably worse at night. Maybe you sleep with your mouth open (allergies, sinus, medications?) White spots result from an imbalance between natural tooth repair (which occurs when minerals from saliva go into your teeth to remineralize them) and tooth damage (from mouth acidity).

Use of my system would address this issue, and the last rinse (ACT) would stimulate natural repair (all night long). Zellies after meals and drinks would balance mouth acidity.

The rinses you use now may be useful for periodontal issues but they do not deal with remineralization. You may want to put your rinses in a closet for a couple of weeks, and try my system.

The only caution is that my system is like a cake recipe it will only produce results if you follow the directions exactly and use only the products specified in the exact order as described.

Why not download the booklet and read it through to see if it is something you may try?

Good luck and please let me know if you have any more questions.
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