Mouth Breathers and Teeth


I have a question about my 7 year old.

She has all her front teeth in now and no cavities, but sleeps with her mouth open.

Consequently, the tips of her two top teeth are a chalky white. She eats a lot of xylitol and I have mints by her bed for when she wakes, but is there anything else I can do? I remember my sister had this problem also but it got better as she grew older. Thank you so much for your time and I’ve directed all my family and friends to your website.


Hi TC,

Thanks for your message.

Advice about your 7 year old:

If she rinses with ACT last thing before going to bed, the fact that her mouth is dry during sleep will work to her benefit.

When people who are “mouth breathers” use ACT, spit it out and then go to bed, the residue will dry on their teeth and remineralize them all night long!

She can turn a potential problem into a wonderful advantage!

Best Wishes,

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  • Sabine says:

    Dr. Ellie,I am considering buying Xylimelts to use at night for my dry mouth. However, if the dry mouth at night, with ACT, works to my advantage… would it be better not to bother with Xylimelts?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I understand your question but many individual factors determine the best answer!I would try a week without adding the xylimelt and then a week with it. I know many people with dry mouth who experience excellent results by using my mouth rinse routine and going to bed with ACT as the final rinse. Their dry mouth works to their advantage – since the strengthening benefits of ACT occur while it is "in contact" with the tooth surface. We want ACT to be used just before bed BECAUSE people have a drier mouth at night – which allows the small covering of residue to stay on teeth longer. If you have a dry mouth – ACT residue will continue to work on your teeth longer – and may bring you enhanced benefits more quickly than someone with "normal" saliva flow ( which washes the residue away more quickly). On the other hand, if you are experiencing discomfort and wake with your tongue stuck to your mouth – xylimelts may offer an excellent solution – without any damage to your teeth. Ellie Phillips DDSwww.ZelliesCleanWhiteTeeth.comSolutions for Oral Health!author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

  • Sabine says:

    Thanks for answering my question, Dr. Ellie. I don't wake up with my tongue stuck to my mouth so I will hold off on shopping for Xylimelts for now. I assume my mouth is dry at night because I have episodes of dry mouth during the day but, who knows, it might be normal at night. When my mouth gets dry during the day, I take some extra xylitol after drinking water (which also has xylitol in it, lol). Xylitol is the best thing ever for dry mouth!

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