Hi Dr. Ellie,

I became very conscious of my oral care in November of 08′ after having gone without dental care for about 14 years. After finally seeing the dentist, my status was not good! I needed two root canals, 11 fillings, two of which could possibly really need a root canal. My gums were bleeding and the largest pockets I had were 4’s.

I had one root canal and some fillings in November, then discovered your website. I started it almost immediately and have been doing it religiously.

In December, the dentist opened up two of my fillings and discovered that they were going pretty deep. She told me that she was going to temporarily fill them and see in a month how they reacted. She told me that she didn’t want to do a root canal, wanted to see what they could do on their own. Her own words were, “Teeth have an amazing ability to repair themselves, you would be surprised.”

I knew at that point that I could tell her about your system and she said that it made sense, but she was not to fond of the Listerine. I still continued on with the whole system.

Well today I had my follow-up and the dentist told me that my teeth were really strong! I looked at her and said, “My teeth? Are you kidding me?”

She looked at my teeth and gums in amazement and asked what I had been doing specifically. I just said, “Do you remember I told you about that dentist in NY named Ellie Phillips?”

She also examined the fillings to see if they had remineralized. They have done amazing! No more root canals for me, just a simple filling that she is actually going to hold out to do for a few months to see what they do in that time. I am so excited! This system is GREAT! In a matter of 5 months, I have whiter teeth, stronger teeth and gums, and they are healing!

Thank you for this system Dr Phillips!


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