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Dear Ellie,

We’ve spoken before and I am currently using your entire system to clean my teeth; however, I have a pressing question for you. I have recently noticed that my upper front teeth are getting quite stained. I’ve been drinking green tea a lot more than usual and I’m attributing it to that since I am not a coffee drinker. I suppose there are lots of other things that stain your teeth like berries and, of course, aging.

Anyway, is there any whitening product that you recommend? or do you think that Zellies are the answer for this particular problem? Do they help with teeth that are already stained or would you say they work only for prevention.

thank you,

Hi JK:

I have a few important questions for you:

>How long have you been doing “the entire system”?
>How much xylitol (Zellies) are you using each day?
>Did your gums bleed or did your dentist say you had gum or plaque problems before you started this system?
>How long since your last dentist cleaning?

The reason I need to know this is that sometimes staining can come from “dead plaque” this happens if your gum health suddenly improves. Dead plaque staining is just debris and dead cells so it is easily cleaned away at a dental visit.

The only other staining that we have see is from the sulphur water from a well system. Such water seems to stain teeth even when the patient had very good gum health. If you are on a well water system you may want to clean your teeth with filtered water from a kitchen faucet.

I would be interested to help you answer the question but I need more information please!
I am sure this has nothing to do with tea, coffee, or berries especially if you are eating some Zellies after every meal and snack.

Age staining is just soft teeth something the system will correct and protect you from.

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