CWT Progress Report

Hi Dr. Ellie 

Well, today I went back for my cleaning, four months after the last one and eight months after I started using the CWT system.

Dr. P. is my dentist who does fillings and such, and Dr. B. is another dentist, who only does cleaning.

Dr. P. came in to talk to Dr. B. while she was cleaning my teeth and he checked my mouth and said it was great. Dr. B said that she noticed the bleeding seemed to be resolving and the pocket around tooth 31 that was sometimes 5 was 4, so things were good. Dr. P. said I passed my
exam with flying colors!!

Dr. P. even asked me if I was doing anything different, which I answered yes in sort of a vague way. I am loathe to rant and rave until they are convinced I am doing great, and it’s easy to get out of giving long answers when people are poking your mouth and all.

Time enough to explain when I go back in four months.

Once again I felt comfortable during the exam and after, no sore gums. So

S. G.

Hi SG,

Thanks for the message: this is good news. I do, however, expect more amazement from health professionals who look in your mouth!

Let’s make sure you are doing everything correctly: I would suggest the
1) Ensure you keep up on your toothbrush every day: swish it in Listerine, rinse off and dry in a cup so that it is air dried every day
2) Ensure you are eating at least 6.5 grams of xylitol daily after meals at least five or six times a day
3) I do not want to sound like a salesperson for Zellies, but often people find that eating Zellies mints or gum after meals are more effective than granular xylitol. Are you using Zellies? and do you eat enough daily?

I want to astound your dentist next visit and these few pointers may ensure we achieve perfection next time!

Best Wishes
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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