Are Zellies gluten free?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have celiac disease which requires me to be on a gluten free diet. Are Zellies gluten free?

Dear HK:

Yes, Zellies are completely gluten free.

It is interesting for me to hear from people who have been consuming xylitol regularly, many have seen improvements with their celiac disease symptoms.

I would advise anyone to start with small amounts of xylitol (half to one teaspoon 2 -4 grams) with a gradual increase to twice this amount which is ideal for oral health. I usually suggest eating Zellies mints/gum at the conclusion of a meal they work best this way and appear to be well tolerated.

I would encourage you to read about the Complete Mouth Care System especially how to care for your brush to keep toothbrushes clean and free from bacteria and molds.

If your symptoms appear to regress, we would be most interested to hear from you so as to encourage others to try this system.

Best Wishes,
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Rochester, NY 14623

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