Thanks Dr. Ellie!


Thanks for your reply. I think what you’re doing is wonderful offering people the information and simple products they need to proactively improve their own dental heath. I had the same dentist for many, many years and he would comment on my enamel erosion without ever mentioning the benefits of ACT or xylitol. He mentioned in a very cavalier way that I would be needing a lot of root canals! I had to do my own online research to find ways to help my body heal itself. I was shocked to find out that most of the popular mouth rinses were quite acidic and my dentist never warned me about that. 

Thanks again


Dear JC

The simplicity of dental disease is what I believe is fascinating it is completely logical.
The amazing thing is that our profession has made it so complicated people are confused and lost. I see my job to shed the light on this simplicity so that people can see their own way.

I never wanted another business but in order to help, I had to pack and ship products; people needed a way to access good xylitol products. Running Zellies has been a real learning experience and I still have a long way to go!

Thank you for keeping in touch I am always interested to communicate with people who are searching for oral health. I hope we can arrange a webinar or telephone conference soon so that we can get together on the phone and share questions and answers.

Best Wishes,
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