White Spots

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Are the white spots cavities? My daughter has a few, and they don’t look like “normal” cavities. If I follow these recommendations can I continue with night time nursing?

Do you offer the xylitol wipes for when we are away from home?

Also is the xylitol gluten free?

Thank you


Dear AL:

White Spots are the start of cavities.

When a tooth gets damaged by bacteria, minerals are pulled from the tooth surface.
This leaves microscopic holes in the tooth, which makes light reflect differently off this (porous) tooth surface and makes the area look white/opaque.

At this stage the tooth is soft, stains and can easily be damaged. If you push hard on these soft areas you can poke a hole in the enamel and form a hole or cavity.

If minerals return to these soft white areas they can “remineralize”, rebuild and repair the damage.

Xylitol heals the deeper layers and ACT the outer layer. As the tooth heals the white spots will disappear.

The sugar in breast milk cannot harm teeth but the sugar from breast milk feeds harmful acid producing bacteria (plaque bacteria). These harmful bacteria dissolve minerals out of teeth.

Xylitol gets rid of harmful acid-producing plaque bacteria so your milk cannot harm teeth.
Good luck! sorry I do not have the wipes for teeth but you can make your own from packets of xylitol dissolved in water.

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  • jess says:

    Just wanted to leave word–I found Xylitol wipes for baby's teeth that are fluoride free at onestepahead.com. They come in a pack of 60 for only $14.95!

  • lspacetraveler says:

    I started using your system about a week ago – and I have just noticed white spots on my teeth that I have never seen before. I was really impressed with the CloSYS (I noticed an amazing difference the very first time I used it) – my teeth are smoother and noticeably brighter. Could it be that the white spots were already there but just camouflaged by dinginess, is there something in your system that could potentially be contributing to this, or do you think that it is something else entirely that is just coincidentally occurring at the same time that I started your program? (I’m 38)


    • I’m concerned you may not be using the correct component parts of the system – especially that you may have purchased the wrong toothpaste. Each part of the system is very precise and one small change ( especially using the wrong toothpaste) will create a different outcome. This the the reason we sell our Complete Mouth Care Kits on our Zellies website – to help ensure that the first time you use the products you get everything EXACT.
      After the first purchase, you can take the empty tubes and bottles to your most convenient local store and match them with new ones. I think our service is very valuable, but if you decide to take the risk and purchase the items for yourself, be sure to read the booklet VERY carefully and match everything exactly.

      • lspacetraveler says:

        Somewhere, you’d said to use the original ACT – I didn’t think it would be rocket science to find that at the store, but there were about 500 different varieties of the stuff. Anyway, I managed to get out of there with the .02% instead of the .05% (but not the sensitive or anything like that), and I am using the Cool Mint Listerine instead of the Original Flavor, but I am absolutely without question using the right toothpaste.


        • lspacetraveler says:

          It’s actually the same toothpaste that I’ve been using for over 10 years.

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