UK/Canada Equivalents to the Dr. Ellie System

Hi Dr Ellie,

First, let me say that I really appreciated your call yesterday. I really dislike purchasing anything online, but actually chatting with you will help ease some of that concern.

Yesterday you mentioned the equivalents to the Closys Rinse and the ACT Rinse that are available in Canada. Can you let me know what those are again please? Also, are these just as good as the Closys and Act?

I’ll be ordering the mints and gum online later today.

Thanks you again for your help.

Hi DB,

Thanks for your message.

Yes, I am a real person, I have children, grandchildren and over 30 years helping people find their way to improved oral health.

I probably need to post a picture of my kids’ teeth as a testimonial to show that our family practices what we preach!

In Canada and UK, Closys is sold as a product called Retardex.
In England it is sold in Boots the Chemist but I am not sure about Canada.

ACT is only available in a few countries in Canada you will find Fluoriguard (a Colgate product) and this is the closest to ACT. Fluoriguard is quite expensive, and recently my best friend in England asked if she could use something less expensive. I told her that the amount of Fluoriguard/ACT you use is not important.

I feel that it is better to buy the real thing but reduce the quantity you use each time a little is just as effective as a mouthful! The most important factor is the length of time you keep the Fluoriguard/ACT rinse in your mouth.

This is why it is recommended not to eat or drink after using so the effects will be prolonged even if only a residue remains on your teeth. Do not rinse with water at the end of your routine just spit out. Rinse this rinse for as long as you can swishing it around your teeth.The healing occurs for the time that the rinse is in contact with the tooth surface.

Thanks again for your interest and your questions.

We would be thrilled to have a progress report in a few months about how things are progressing and the outcome for your teeth!


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