Staining on Teeth from Mouthwash

Dr. Ellie, 

I seem to be sensitive to staining of the teeth from mouthwash. I have never been a big mouthwash person just typically brushed and flossed most of my life which was adequate for sometime until recently I started to developed some various problems…..increase in dental decay and gum recession with no active inflammation…so in my pursuit to become more vigilant I started to incorporate mouthwashes. I have been trying to follow your protocol with a little variation….I am using the crest original toothpaste, biotene mouthwash instead of Listerine because of the alcohol content(I suffer from dry mouth) and ACT fluoride rinse. 

The various mouthwashes that I have used that I believe that have led to this staining is Crest Pro-Health, Oasis and now I believe ACT flouride rinse. In my research it seems that two ingredients lead to this staining of teeth cholorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride….the later of these two is found in ACT fluoride rinse…..I very much want to continue use of a fluoride rinse because of the added protection I feel it offers my teeth… you have any suggestions on a fluoride rinse I could use that would not cause this staining. Also on a side note what causes those white spots you get on your teeth. Is that caused by any type of nutritional deficiency or systemic problem??? Many thanks for any thoughts and suggestions. 


Dear MS:

I think you are mixing too many odd products in your search for success personally I think you are missing the real biochemistry that leads to oral health.

I have been a clinical dentist for years looking at teeth and finding out what products work. For example, I never suggest the often prescribed products Biotene or Prevident, since I have never seen them give the results I expect.

Recently I received a message from an ENT doctor who treats patients with severe dry mouth and he said this:

“I’m an Otolaryngologist and I’ve tried Zellies products and I love them. I have post-radiation patients and Xerostomia patients. I’ve found Zellies more effective than artificial saliva or biotene products.”

I know that using the system is a leap of faith for you and for many others but so many people have found this system amazing. It has never caused harm or tooth discoloration quite the reverse: people are usually amazed within a couple of weeks.

The only stain that my system may cause is from death of plaque bacteria. Sometimes plaque is so sticky it traps the dead disease cells and together the fibers of the ‘dead’ plaque with ‘dead” cells form a band of stain round the neck of the tooth. Your gums and teeth will be clean and healthy and this stain is easily cleaned away at your next dentist visit.

Here is a link to a discussion about tooth staining on the website:

I hope this helps I have no financial interest in any of the rinses that I recommend. You can purchase all the rinses at local grocery stores not from me! Closys is the most difficult to find but Walgreens stocks it in most areas and will order it if you ask the manager. I sell the kits to help people get started but not as a profit center! I spend all my time and effort because I care about people like you, and because this system works!!


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