Chipped Tooth

Hello Dr. Ellie,

The front of one of my “front teeth” had a piece chip off some years ago, it created sort of a groove. I don’t recall it hurting or being that sensitive, but the dentist placed a white filling over it.

Recently the white filling has come off. Again, it does not feel sensitive much at all. I was wondering if I should have it fixed again or is it possible to continue on your system and have it remineralize?

Thanks for all your advice! 

Take care.

Hi R:

When a dentist attaches a white filling to a tooth he first etches the tooth with acid to open up “holes” or pores in the enamel.He then flows plastic filling material over the tooth and these “holes” fill up with the filling material.

The rest of the filling is then glued to this base layer.This process allows the body of the filling to attach to the tooth using tentacle like “fingers of filling” that protrude into each of the “holes”.

Although your filling has come off, the filling material is most likely still firmly glued into these holes. The filling material will block any minerals from entering these holes, and stop any process of natural remineralization stimulated by using my system.I think your only option is to have the filling fixed again I wish there were another way but once these holes are filled up it is virtually permanent.


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