Dear Dr. Phillips:

I attended your presentation at the Bay Knoll Seventh-day Adventist Church last Sunday and began using your Zellies Complete Mouth Care System on Wednesday. After just three days of using it, I have already noticed a remarkable improvement in my mouth and teeth. Thank you for sharing the system with me and the audience that afternoon, and for sharing it in such a positive manner.

On a somewhat related topic; I was picking up prescriptions at my neighborhood CVS store this evening and noticed the product, Biotene ( ), and was curious to know your opinion about it.

Thanks again,

G. R.

Dear GR

Thanks for your message.

I am delighted that you enjoyed the presentation last week and were able to take away useful information. You should notice improvements that continue for years.

In the first stage you will notice less plaque on your teeth. Later you should notice color improvements as your teeth re-mineralize and strengthen.

The only word of advice is not to worry if you see a thin band of staining around your teeth. This often happens with rapid improvement and should be a one-time event. Your dentist will clean this stain away at your next visit, and it should not return, if you remain on this system.

Biotene contains a tiny amount of xylitol, but the product is heavily promoted and marketed especially as a product for dry mouth. I do not recommend it since I have not witnessed any benefits in patients using it.

Recently I received a message from an Otolaryngologist and several oncology clinics.
One doctor actually wrote to me and said:

” I’ve tried Zellies products and I love them. I would like them for my post-radiation patients and Xerostomia patients. I’ve found Zellies more effective than artificial saliva or biotene products”.

I think this says it all!

Thanks again for your message,
Have a great weekend.


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