ACT: for how long?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Okay, I got my kit. Mouth feels better already. Your booklet says that ACT is doing my teeth some good as long as it’s in my mouth. Since I’m trying to remineralize and get rid of a cavity, would it help to use it numerous (more than just 3) times a day?

Also, I have a 2 1/2 year old. I gave him one of the Cool Fruit Mints. He loved it! Is it okay to give him these and how many a day? I would love to give him healthy teeth. I don’t want him to suffer like I have.



Dear E:

The important thing with ACT is the length of time that the rinse is in contact with the tooth surface. The dilute fluoride in ACT stimulates natural healing but it only works while it is next to the tooth. Keep the rinse in your mouth for as long as is reasonable (a couple of minutes) spit it out well, but do not eat or drink for at least half an hour.

ACT has a great “consistency” so that the residue of the rinse remains in cracks, grooves and pits of a tooth after your spit out the main bulk of the rinse, and in these vulnerable areas it can continue its healing. This is why I love this rinse! The newer versions of ACT (called Restore) do not have this quality and they also have unnecessary added ingredients which is why I continue to recommend the original ACT anticavity rinse.

I recommend use of the system twice and if you are on a “mission” to heal a problem three times a day may give you some added benefit. Make sure you are getting enough xylitol each day and using it after meals, snacks and drinks to protect your teeth.

Even children should strive to have 6.5 grams xylitol a day either as mints, gum or granular xylitol in some form. You can dissolve granular xylitol in water and drink it after meals or snacks or eat a couple of Zellies mints after meals.

Two mints = one gram
Two pieces of gum = almost 1.5 grams.
A packet of xylitol = 4 grams.

It is safe to eat way more than this, but I think 1-2 teaspoons of xylitol (6 -8 grams a day) is perfect for kids and adults.

We try to encourage people to purchase our “kit” so that they have exactly the right products when they start the program. When people go to the store they often get confused and buy similar but not exact products which spoil the outcome.

I want to make sure that people start with the right products . Then they can take the empty container to the store and match it. Some people sign up for auto shipment so that we ship them what they need each month no shipping charges!

Please let us know your progress it is fun to have updates!
Best Wishes,

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