Granular Xylitol and Equate

Hi Dr Ellie,

I found your blog and I’ve been implementing your recommendations. I happened to find granulated Xylitol in the local Pathmark, Heartland “Ideal” sweetener. Xylitol is the first listed ingredient, then maltodextrin and .3% sucralose. I use it as a coffee sweetener and as a rinse a few times a day, zero calories. 

The percentage of Xylitol isn’t stated but it must be at least 50%. Walmart now offers an Equate alcohol free ACT copy with .05% sodium flouride, the .05% rinses recommend a single use per day vs the 2X day recommendation on the .02% versions. Do you have any opinion of these products? The use of the Xylitol based sweetener as a rinse and the frequency of use of the .05% rinse?

PS: I switched to ACT months ago when I discovered how acidic most of the popular rinses are, I think I was destroying my enamel trying to attack the bad bacteria in my mouth. I found your blog after that and I’m about half way thru the 6 month plan to use Xylitol to get rid of that nasty bacteria and use it in conjunction with the alcohol free .05% rinse to remineralize my teeth. I’m taking vitamin D3 and calcium to complement the xylitol & rinse.


Hi JC,

You are doing really well and I congratulate you on being so interested and observant! I think you should be careful of the “Ideal” sweetener I totally disapprove of sucralose and maltodextrin for many reasons.

Pure xylitol should not be too hard to find and is only a few calories and much healthier for you.
I believe that sucralose will raise your cholesterol so be careful!

I think you would be wise to stay with the original ACT. The look alike brands do not have the same consistency as ACT original. It is the way that ACT flows into cracks and pits in the tooth surface that makes it such a wonderful rinse. Think about the savings you will have by enjoying healthy teeth do not worry about saving a few cents on an inferior product.

I suggest the system be used twice a day. I have no idea why they say once a day on the bottle you are not drinking it!

Good luck and I am very interested to hear your progress.

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