Waterpik and Pocketing

Dear Dr. Ellie: 

I just ordered your Zellies and the Starter Pack, but I am wondering how you feel about using a Waterpik. I love mine because I have pocketing.


Dear PK


Thank you for your question and for your Zellies order.

I do not personally recommend the Waterpik since I have not seen or heard of improved results from patients using this device. It would “seem” to make sense but in reality I find most people using the Waterpik get “stuck’ with pocketing that never resolves completely.

I recommend regular and sustained use of my three rinse program. The Closys ( first rinse) appears to usefully “pull” bacteria out of the pockets and people see great results with simple rinsing.

Personally, I advise people to put their Waterpic devices away and give the simple system time to work by itself. I advise that you use good rinsing (swish around the molars or any teeth that you know have problems) and also use the rest of the system, twice or three times a day. (Don’t forget to eat at least 6 grams of xylitol in some shape or form : mints, gum or directly off a spoon at the end of every meal, snack or drink throughout the day.)

Be on the alert for mouth acidity!

Next time you go for a dental appointment determine from your health professional if things are looking better. You may then decide to continue with rinsing until your pockets go away.

I would be interested to hear back from you about the results you achieve.

Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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  • kevin says:

    I don’t think PK was intending to use WaterPik _INSTEAD_ of your system.
    More likely s/he would use it the way I do, which is _BEFORE_ the CloSys rinse at the start of your system.

    I find it helps get food bits and gunk out of the crevices. That can only be good.

    Also, it’s indispensable for people with orthodontistry going on. The WaterPik quickly dislodges anything trapped by braces and other hardware.

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