Wisdom Teeth

Dear Dr. Ellie:

One more question is about wisdom teeth, my dentist said they were coming in (I’m 19) and that they need to be pulled. I was having pain around that area few months ago but it has stopped and I feel some of the upper left wisdom tooth coming through, and a little bit of the upper right wisdom tooth, do you think wisdom teeth are pulled more than they are needed too?

Thank you in advance for your help and great products!


Hi VC,

As for your question about wisdom teeth : yes I think wisdom teeth are pulled more than necessary. It is unfortunate that this is a high profit center! Of course sometimes they need to come out the problem is how do you know?

Years ago when I worked in UK the idea of taking out wisdom teeth was never about money ( the fee was very small under the health service system). We used to allow patients to experience three bouts of “inflammation” around the tooth before we decided on extraction.

The interesting thing is that inflammation around the tooth can “erode” bone and enlarge the “socket’ sometimes just enough for the tooth to enter into the mouth without a problem!

To deal with the inflammation we suggested patients soak their mouths with warm salt rinses holding the warm salt water over the tooth area for several minutes. This would be repeated about five minutes using a mug of salt water. This warm salt water bathing would be done after meals several times through the day.

I would also suggest the Complete Mouth Care System will help you Its use will prevent decay in “difficult to clean” areas, eliminate harmful bacteria of gum disease and possibly keep this area clean enough for you to avoid an exaction. As a 19 year old man, you still have some jaw growth potential so this may all work out if you are only short a little space.

Hope this helps good luck!

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