Toddler with Cavities

Dear Dr. Ellie:

My daughter is 22 months old and has cavities in her upper four front teeth. Two of the teeth actually have a brown spot on the top of the tooth. The other 2 teeth have white spots. They suggest I put my daughter under general in the hospital which I am not prepared to do. She’s so little. Is there any thing I can do to reverse the cavities. I have read your site and wanted to know if your program could work for my daughter?


Hi D,

I appreciate your concern about hospital treatment and there is a lot you can do but it will take some time and some effort. In the end you will be happy that you worked on this but you must start as soon as possible and try to be consistent this has to be done every day if it is going to reverse these cavities.

You need to make sure that 6 grams (one and a half teaspoons) of xylitol is applied to these teeth each day. Xylitol works best in little “doses’ throughout the day. You can use granular xylitol and have your daughter eat a few granules off a spoon at the end of a meal. The granules will dissolve in the mouth and taste sweet and nice.

Alternatively , you can dissolve a teaspoon of xylitol in about 6 ounces of water and let her sip this water throughout the day. This liquid is best taken after meals (after every meal, snack or drink). If she has a sippy cup you need to interrupt the sipping with a little xylitol.

Regular use of at least 6 grams of xylitol each day is important. Benefits are greatest if you have xylitol at the end of meals, snacks and after drinks to rid the mouth of acidity.

Before bed or nap time, try to brush her teeth using a clean toothbrush and a drop of ACT bubblegum fluoride on the brush in place of toothpaste. This ACT tastes good and will work with xylitol to heal these teeth. Make sure the affected teeth have some contact with ACT

If you do this EVERY day you will halt the progress of the disease and you may achieve total healing and reverse the damage. Teeth can repair themselves if you get rid of the infection, use some xylitol regularly each day and also expose the teeth to some ACT rinse before sleeping.

Your whole family should consider their oral health since cavity bacteria can spread during kissing and sharing food. Xylitol works to get rid of cavity/plaque bacteria providing you eat at least 6 grams ( a teaspoon and a half) each day for at least 6 months. Older family members may prefer Zellies mints and gum which are a fun way to consume your after dinner xylitol!

Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. There is more information for parents at this link on the website:


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