Tetracycline Staining

Hi Doctor,

Is there a natural way of whitening and remineralising yellowed teeth due to tetracycline staining. I read about drops – dentazime. I have tried numerous bleaching techniques but to no avail. They make your teeth sensitive and strip the enamel.

Your advise would be appreciated.

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Hi Z,

Here is a link to my overview of the facts about staining.

You will see that intrinsic staining due to tetracycline is very difficult to change.

I would certainly give the Complete Mouth Care system a try – you have nothing to lose and maybe great looking teeth to gain! You would have to be patient – this natural healing method could take 1-2 years to see noticeable color results- but once you see, them you will be amazed.

There is no doubt that this system will make your entire mouth healthier – teeth and gums, it will take away sensitivity and will build and strengthen your enamel.

Here is a link to the downloadable booklet –

and you can also read more here:

Good luck and if I were you, I would use this system for a year. To monitor improvement, you could take a picture of your teeth now, in 6 months and again in 12 months – then compare them: (take the picture in consistent lighting if possible).


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