Longer rinse exposure to sodium flouride

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I’ve been following your complete program for about 3 months with pretty good results. The ACT fluoride bottle recommends rinsing each time for 60 seconds. I was wondering if there was any danger to rinsing with this solution for a longer time, up to 5 minutes at a time?

Thanks very much,


Hi S,

I believe there is no reason for any concern – 2-5 minutes would seem a longer but sensible amount of time for this stage of the program. If you are in the process of dramatically improving your oral health with this system – extra time with ACT is a great idea.

I wish you success and hope you will receive accolades from your dentist at your next visit!

The concentration of sodium fluoride in ACT is about the same as you would find in fluoridated tap water – and for decades people have been DRINKING this. (Personally I do not support drinking fluoride and I do not recommend drinking ACT – just rinsing with it!)

In dental offices they apply fluoride gels for 4-5 minutes that are EXTREMELY strong fluoride. (To understand the concentration of these gels you have to know that drinking water is 1-2 parts per million of fluoride but the fluoride gels applied by dentists are 9-11 THOUSAND parts per million!)

In light of this information – I hope you will feel comfortable about what you are doing!

Good luck with your improved oral health,

Ellie Phillips DDS
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