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Dear Dr. Ellie,

I was wondering how long you should rinse with each of the 3 rinses in your system? I also wondered if there is more than one “size” of the zellies toothbrushes? (One came with the complete mouth care system, but I have a fairly small mouth for an adult, and this toothbrush is slightly uncomfortable.) Thanks for your help and your great system!


Hi M,

Sorry – only one kind of toothbrush.

You may want to look at Mentadent selection – it was one liked a lot when we designed our brush.

The length of time for each rinse does not have to be exact: Closys is great for cleaning – so if you have any signs of gum disease, make sure you swish it around the back teeth or wherever you think you have problems. It “lifts” the bacteria and debris – ready for brushing.

Listerine does not need to be on teeth for too long.
The company advise 30 seconds – and this is a good amount of time.

The longer you rinse with ACT the more shiny and strong you will make your teeth – so time IS IMPORTANT for this one!

I would say from 2-5 minutes ( 5 minutes is a really long time for most people!) Use it for as long as is reasonable for you, then spit it out well – but do not rinse after. This way, little drops will stay working in the cracks in your teeth and in those hard to clean places.

Good luck and thanks for your question.

Ellie Phillips, DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 272-1270

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