Dear Dr. Ellie:

Will using the complete mouth care system rebuild and restore lost enamel? I have extensive enamel loss and I can feel my teeth and gums weakening…. will this help me?


Dear R:

I believe that this system is the most effective way to fight back against weak teeth and gum problems. If I were you, I would put away all the other oral care products you have been given or purchased: ALL of them  even stronger fluorides and prescription potions!

If I were you, I would try to figure out why you have enamel loss and gum problems, just so that you can take extra protective steps. If you know the cause of your mouth acidity you will be able to make sure that you eat xylitol to protect your teeth from this acidity.

I helped a girl who was addicted to sucking lemons before and after meals and during the day.
Her teeth were so sensitive, she could not eat or drink anything hot or cold. She had been told she had “weak teeth” and her only hope was root canal treatments on all her teeth. I met her as she was trying to pay for her third root canal and crown. I put her on my system. That was the end of her misery. In three months she was able to drink iced drinks again and drink hot coffee. This is now several years since we met and she had no more treatments.

This girl did not give up lemons she realized the lemon acidity that was causing her dental problems. Now she eats Zellies fruit mints after every meal, drink and snack and always after sucking lemons!

You may find Listerine too “strong” for you, at first. Try to incorporate it into the system even if you have to dilute it with warm water. Use of Listerine between brushing and ACT will speed healing, help build enamel faster and make enamel more acid resistant against future acidity. If you begin with Listerine diluted 50-50% with warm water you will probably find you can increase its strength as you go along. Eventually you should find you can tolerate full strength then you will know that you have achieved great improvement.

Be patient!
This is a process that stimulates natural healing and this takes time. You may have to wait 6-12 months for improvements to make your teeth feel better maybe less. Use the system twice a day and always before bed. Mark your calendar for 6 months and one year stay focused!
Let me know how things go I am sure you will be amazed!

Good luck,

Ellie Phillips DDS

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