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Dear Dr Ellie:

Hello, I’ve just came across your blog and was intrigued with your information. I am a 19 year old young man who has had many tooth problems, I have used Xylitol (B-fresh brand and Xlear brand) for about 8 months now and my teeth pain pretty much dissipated to about once a week or so now which is great compared to before. I have noticed you recommend ACT and Colgate products, but I’m using The Natural Dentist anti cavity rinse and toothpaste and they seem to really sooth and help my teeth. Do you have any comments on natural products such as The Natural Dentist? I have just found your brand of mints/gum on the site and I was wondering what is your personal favorite as far as product effectiveness? I look forward to your response and really learned a lot from your blogs! 😉


Hi V,

I think you will like my upcoming book it will help you understand why I recommend the products that I recommend. This is not because I have any interest or benefit from the sales obviously I don’t since they are three major companies.

The products were chosen because they WORK.

As a clinical dentist I looked into patients’ mouths thousands of them. I am a pediatric and geriatric dentist. I say everyone those who clean their teeth and those who don’t. I developed a series of conversation questions with all my patients to find out why they had good teeth and why they did not. You and I would have begun with finding out WHY you have had these dental problems. There are a multitude of complicated “risk factors” but they essentially boil down to two major causes of dental damage: ACIDITY and DRY MOUTH.

In the same way I looked into what products patients used for good and bad teeth. Then I read the biochemistry around the products and it was like a giant puzzle to put the pieces together. This system that I recommend is perfect if you use it completely. Providing you use all the products exactly as recommended in the exact order recommended you will be amazed. If you substitute other products you may see benefits but I do not know and so I cannot recommend them. I will only recommend the products that I know work.

I agree that they have colors and added ingredients that are not on my list of favorites but remember you are not eating these items! I am familiar with Natural Dentist Products, Squiggle and the various xylitol containing toothpastes and rinses. Many of these products are too abrasive for teeth in my opinion, some are too acidic for a final rinse and some contain ingredients I do not think should be included.

You can use whatever you like but if you want to experience the results that my patients have experienced ,you will need to use my system in the recommended method. I tell people to put all the different products they have been given or purchased in a cupboard. Now try my system for two weeks exactly as recommended. Now you should feel a real difference. Then you can decide if you are a believer or if you want to go back to the other products.

I like to recommend my “kit” because it includes a selection of Zellies gum and mints. I believe that Zellies mints and gum (for some reason) are superior to many of the other xylitol products when it comes to healing damaged teeth. Maybe they taste better and so people use them more! There should not be a difference between xylitol in any form but I listen to stories like yours and many do not experience the xylitol benefits that I would have expected. Obviously I do not know the cause of your “pain” it may be from the gum tissue more than the teeth – we would have to exchange more information for me to get a better understanding.In any case the “system” will help gums and teeth I really suggest you give it a try for a couple of weeks.

As a footnote, I do have several holistic dentists and consultants who recommend my system despite their initial reaction to the group of strange product labels. They understand that oral health will bring general health benefits and until there is a better product my system gives the results that many could only have dreamed of achieving.

Good luck,


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