How long to "ACT"?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I’ve stopped using the Total Care and picked up a bottle of the ACT anticavity rinse (which is so much easier to use without all the alcohol). This though is leading me to another question.

I know you recommend to rinse with ACT for at least one minute and that the longer you rinse the better, but how long is too long? I have been known go 5-10 minutes some mornings while getting ready for the day. Is there a certain point where no amount of swishing will put more fluoride on my teeth?

Thanks again,


I believe in moderation but it appears that the longer dilute sodium fluoride is in contact with your teeth the greater the benefits. My son would sometimes drive to work with the rinse in his mouth This is not recommended by me!!

I think three to five minutes is long but reasonable Remember that when you spit out a minute residue will remain on your teeth for some hours if you do not eat or drink.

Please let me know how things progress. You will find that the combination of Zellies after meals and this rinsing routine will give you terrific results.


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