June 14th Health Fair

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  • Belle says:

    I just found your blog today and was so excited to read all the info. I have had gingivitis and supposedly now decalcification (though I have no white spots, more see through and my teeth are getting thinner), worsening with each pregnancy. I am currently pregnant and the Dentist told me there was nothing I could do to help my visibly worsening teeth! I ordered some gum and mints and will get the rinses at the store and I'm excited to start! MY QUESTION : if I am treating my teeth and my husband isn't doing so well with his teeth, will kissing him have a large adverse impact on my teeth's treatment? Thank you, elizabeth 4crocodiles@gmail.com

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    GREAT question!! The quick answer is that families do share mouth bacteria – but that should not stop you from starting this program.My main comment is PLEASE, please be careful to match the exact products suggested. Print up the PDF booklet about the system from my website http://www.Zellies.com: Go to Complete Mouth Care System and look for the PDF file – a complete booklet of instructions will print up. When you go to the store check the labels very carefully . Many people get lured into buying ACT TOTAL CARE -DON'T get this kind ( it contains alcohol and does not work as well). Look for the Original ACT anticavity – without alcohol. The mint flavor is green. Also beware – do not get Crest Pro-Health: you need Crest Original paste. If your teeth are very sensitive – you can dilute the Listerine 50-50% with warm water. In a few weeks you will be able to add a little more to build up the acid resistance of your teeth. Let the ACT rinse bathe your teeth for a good few minutes at the end of the routine – this product will work like "lotion" to "dry skin". Next: I would separate your toothbrush from your husband's (be kind/subtle: get one of those tooth brush holders where the brush heads are kept separate).You can dip both your brushes in Listerine at some time during the day, rinse out and dry. This will help control spread of infection on the toothbrushes. Even in studies with women who had gross caries – great results were achieved when the women ate around 6-8 grams of xylitol each day. The studies measured the levels of strep mutans – and they went down almost 98% at the end of 6 months ( despite the fact that the men in their lives were not included in the study.)( Nor were these women using my rinsing program- which will speed results!) It is funny how men are often slow to follow this routine – but I can tell you he will be interested when he sees the benefits so visible with your teeth.Start yourself, include your kids in age appropriate ways and then wait ….he will come on board in the end ( but don't tell him this!)You may have to wait a year – mark the date on the calendar and let me know next year at this time if he has become a believer! (I opened a "wellness office"/preventive dentistry clinic in the UK. My first patients were children, then their moms asked if they could be treated. They told their sisters, mothers and friends. The last to come were the fathers, husbands – MEN!) Luckily men often have naturally alkaline saliva – so their dental problems start to manifest later in life – when dry mouth begins ( caused by medications or sleeping with their mouths open). The main dental problems for men earlier in life are from excessive soda or soft drink consumption or acid reflux. You can remineralize your teeth! You will feel positive results in about two weeks – and see positive resluts in a couple of months!Mark these dates on your calendar also! Your teeth will get more and more comfortable after 6 months. In one year – you may need to share your secret with your dentist. Maybe you can make a believer out of him! Please let me know if you have any more questions.Thanks again – this was an excellent one!EllieEllie Phillips DDSwww.Zellies.com

  • LH says:

    Is there a way to be notified automatically when comments are posted to blog entries?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Yes! you can either set up an RSS feed or just send your email address to webmgr@zellies.com and we will send you a notification each time. However, you should know that sometimes we can post several entries a day, so you may get a flood to your inbox occassionally. Thanks for your interest!

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