Postponing a Root Canal

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Have you any information about postponing a root canal? Is there any treatment that can heal the roots? I was having pain. My dentist can’t locate the tooth but we think we know which one it is. I was on an antibiotic 7 x a day. The pain and problem gone now. I have a root canal appointment scheduled. 

The office staff said I could postpone the appointment if I’m not being bothered at that time. I just want to heal it, if possible. I would like information if this is possible.

Thank you.

Hi L R,
Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately it is impossible for anyone to diagnose the reason for your pain from a description.
The pain may be from a dead tooth with an infection or it may have been inflammation in the gum around a tooth. It can be very difficult to tell these two symptoms from each other.

I would be interested to know if your gums are in good health and also the general condition of your other teeth. An antibiotic course confuses the diagnosis because it suppresses inflammation so we don’t really know if you are “better’ or just “suppressed” for the time being.

In any case I feel that you would benefit from using the system of mouth rinses and xylitol that I recommend.
If gum inflammation caused your pain my system will help this heal  and your symptoms should go away.

If you have a dead tooth and inflammation inside the tooth unfortunately nothing but a root canal will deal with this problem. You could try boosting your immune system with vitamins, good food, and other natural remedies for this.

I would start using the rinses that I recommend at least for a couple of weeks.

If the symptoms come back then it may be necessary for a root canal and crown to save this tooth. I wish I could help you more but at least you will be protecting your other teeth!

Good luck,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!

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