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Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hello. It’s now been a little over 6 weeks that I have been on your system for white spots.

Overall I know it has helped, but the results aren’t where I want them to be yet. I know that it takes time, but this is something that I really wish could heal faster. Anyways, I was just wondering why sometimes the white spots on my teeth seem ‘chalky’ & others time they are a lot smoother..like the rest of the tooth looks really good. I notice that some mornings they are chalky. I usually eat breakfast then do the system & maybe have a little granular xylitol. But sometimes even then the teeth aren’t really ‘smooth’. When they’re smooth I feel like they blend better with the rest of the tooth, but when it’s chalky it seems to stick out more. Why is this? Is there something I could do so they aren’t as chalky?? Also, I drink quite a bit of diet pop but since I started the system I having been using a straw so it doesn’t touch my front teeth. Do you think this really makes a difference? If I were to drink more water do you think my teeth could heal faster? However, I still try having a little xylitol after drinking pop.

Thanks for your time,

Hi there,

I am happy you are trying my system but it does not sound as if you are using enough Zellies mints or gum. This would be my first recommendation since I think you would use them more often and see a quicker and better result.

White spots are areas of demineralization loss of minerals from teeth. Every time you drink pop, you are losing minerals from your teeth. Each time you eat a Zellie mint or gum you are helping put minerals back into your teeth. The outcome for teeth is (how much damage?) vs. (how much repair?)

You need to think of this as a balance scale tipping to one side or the other.

Soda, lemons, orange juice, candy, pop. Gatorade, apple juice, wine, beer, etc damage
Zellies repair

If your results are not good enough increase the amount of Zellies you consume not all in one time 🙂 but after every drink, every meal, every snack.

I don’t believe a straw makes any difference to the damage from pop.

You must also make sure that you use the Complete Mouth Care System last thing at night You need to have ACT as the last thing on your teeth before bed. ACT helps to build strength into teeth and make them more resistant to acids like pop.

Are you using the mouth rinses that I recommend in the correct order?print out the PDF booklet and read it if you like!

I hope you will up the “repairs” because you will be amazed how this can work.
Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!

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