Sorbitol & Irritable Bowel

Dear Dr. Ellie

Thanks for replying my question. Since I was worried about the effects of sorbitol, I went to the local store and bought the following toothpaste

I was particular about the ingredients i.e. without sorbitol and xylitol.

From your answer I will take that xylitol tooth paste is not bad for health.

I really experienced the effects of sorbitol tooth paste having stomach ache, flatulence, OMG. Almost all the common tooth paste has sorbitol eg colgate, crest, aquafresh.

Now I am horrified that Triclosan affects as well. I am using triclosan based soap for a long time. I even wash my hands with that soap before eating.

Modern inventions are becoming fatal for mankind.

Thank you for answering my questions. You could add my questions in your blog, such an insight should reach all.

Thank you very much again



Hi CD,

I know you are working hard to do the right thing and I agree that finding the right products is extremely difficult.

It is confusing when organizations like the Dental Association endorse chewing gums that are mainly sorbitol (some of these gums do contain a few grains of xylitol in them but not enough for dental benefits).

Many in the dental profession are unaware that plaque bacteria process sorbitol to grow and thicken I always tell people to avoid sorbitol in gums and mints.

I do caution you, that I would not personally recommend the toothpaste you have selected.
I have seen baking soda cause gum recession sudden and without pain gums seem to “disappear”

I am familiar with tea tree oil but I am not aware of how abrasive your toothpaste will be to your teeth. Be careful good ingredient lists do not necessarily mean a toothpaste is healthy for teeth. Many toothpastes are like sandpaper they will take away the most protective part of your teeth leaving your teeth sensitive and unprotected.

I recommend Original Crest toothpaste not the more recent kinds that are usually in the center of grocery store shelves. I would suggest you try Crest Original (many people who cannot tolerate toothpaste are fine with this one particular kind). This paste is made with excellent ingredients, exactly the right amount of polish for enamel, and will help your teeth become more acid-resistant.

Good luck,

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