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Dear Zellies,

I have been using 15-20 xylitol mints for dental benefits. If for some reason I am not able to use the mints could a teaspoon of granulated xylitol be dissolved in the mouth and have the same protective effects as the mints?

Thank you

Dear KB:

Thanks for your question. The quick answer is yes!

To improve your oral health the most important number to remember with xylitol is 6 grams a day for at least 6 months!

Using more than 10 grams a day is safe and may have other benefits – but “plaque removal” benefits plateau at 10 grams a day.

You are accurate that around 20 mints a day will give maximum dental effect (each Zellie mint is 0.5 grams). If you consume Zellies mints at intervals throughout the day you will have greatest benefit. Consuming Zellies after eating or drinking will give you multiple benefits – help control plaque, help dissipate acidity, and help mineralize and strengthen teeth.

It does not matter the form in which you use xylitol. Here are some suggestions – I hope this helps. Zellies mints are convenient and taste delicious – mix and match with gum or granular xylitol to total 6-10 grams a day. Zellies gum makes your mouth clean and fresh – great after meals (two pieces has 1.4 grams xylitol).

A packet of xylitol (one teaspoon) is 4 grams – try to divide the dose up through the day: either –> Half a teaspoon (2 grams ) after two meals – then four to eight mints throughout the day.
–> Or a quarter teaspoon (one gram) six times a day from a spoon at the end of meals.
–> Dissolve two packets of xylitol (8 grams) in a bottle of water and sip at the end of each meal or throughout the day or night.

Thanks for the question!

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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  • Anonymous says:

    I like a little flavor in my xylitol water so I dissolve several xylitol mints in a liter of water instead of the crystals. 🙂

  • cale says:

    i have a question to ask Dr. Elli, but how to ask and where to posthelp thanks

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Hi Cale:You can email Dr. Ellie at or you can ask the question in the comment link here and it will be answered by Dr. Ellie herself. Whichever way you feel more comfortable with.Please allow a few days for the response, however, as it takes a while to go through all of the emails. THANKS for your question.Web

  • cale says:

    Dear Dr. EllieI am reading many articles recent days, which say SORBITOL induces and triggers IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. Even i experienced the same whenever i changed to high content sorbitol tooth paste, my stomach gets upset.(Because atleast a very small amount of toothpaste is swallowed while brushing)I would like to know even xylitol does the same , even a mild stomach upset.Are there tooth paste available without xylitol and sorbitol and still we can take care of our teeth.Your answer is gratefully thanked and appreciated.cale

  • Lynn says:

    I have heard you in interviews discuss xylitol as a prebiotic for good bacteria. Can it be used in lactofermentation for natural soda and fermented veggies?

  • Lynn says:

    Thank you. Looking into using it for my canning and preserving recipes too. Would be great if I could make jellies and syrups from my garden without sugar.

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