Chronic Halitosis

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I have chronic halitosis and I think its because I have neglected my whole mouth. I have booked in a dental appointment to further investigate the problem and check up my teeth/gums. I just found your website which is fantastic and had some questions I was hoping you might be able to answer for me. Thank you. 

I live in Australia can I get your system delivered here? Does your system help with chronic halitosis? Why do you not include tongue cleaning in your system? The reason I ask is I have a white layer on my tongue which I clean twice a day and it has helped somewhat with my halitosis. Can I incorporate tongue cleaning in your system?I’ve heard that listerine is bad in that in can cause cancer. Your thoughts? I have included a link;,22049,24896583-5001021,00.html

Again thank you very much for this service. Its fantastic for people like me who have neglected their teeth and mouth for a very long time. I feel that I can get back on track and finally get rid of my halitosis and not squirm every time something cold comes into contact with my teeth.


Hi LT,

Thank you for your message.

We can ship mints and gum to Australia but not rinses.
I think you may be able to find a product equivalent to Closys that is called Retardex (by Oral B) in bigger drug stores.

In place of ACT you can use Fluorigard.

Crest Original toothpaste should be available and look for a Mentadent toothbrush.

Answers to your other questions are below:

Does your system help with chronic halitosis?
Yes, xylitol does more than help! If you regularly eat 6.5 grams of xylitol, you will eradicate the bacteria that cause halitosis and bleeding gums (bad gums are another reason for breath problems).

I would also mention it is very important to clean your toothbrush every day swish the head of your brush in a little cup of Listerine, rinse the brush under running water and allow to dry ( do this each day after you have finished brushing your teeth). Tooth bacteria and molds can grow on toothbrushes and it is a shame to keep replanting bad bacteria into your mouth when you are working to rid your mouth of them.

You may want to store your brush alone in its own cup especially if you share housing with other people who may have bad breath or gum disease.

Why do you not include tongue cleaning in your system?
If you clean your mouth and gums with my mouth rinse system and xylitol you will see problems like white tongue and bad breath go away. It is OK to floss and tongue scrape but in my mind this does not address the cause of the problems. These cleaning habits may keep the situation under control but I want problems to go away!

Imagine if a layer of plaque grew on your finger each day and someone told you it was a bacterial layer of plaque. Would you scrape it away each day or would it be wiser to use an antibacterial /antifungal solution five times a day to get rid of the infection.
Initially scraping may help, but you need the infection to go away otherwise you will be scraping forever!

Xylitol works to rid the mouth, tongue and other areas of your throat and nose of the sticky bacteria that build themselves into sticky layers.

Listerine: I’ve heard that Listerine is bad in that in can cause cancer. Your thoughts?
I am aware of this report but I am also aware of the years of studies showing Listerine is safe.
I would NOT suggest using Whitening rinse ANY whitening rinse/strips for that matter Is there a report about those items and cancer? Of course not! Ha!

Listerine was developed in the 1800s and is essential oils dissolved in alcohol.
Listerine works well to clean teeth I never recommend leaving it to dry on your teeth.
You should wash it off your teeth because the alcohol dries the mouth and the acidity of the product can soften teeth especially in already dry or acidic mouths.

I imagine that if Listerine is left to dry on skin in a dry mouth it could be a problem ( elderly men often have dry mouths they snore with their mouths open and may take mouth drying medications). Women usually have acidic mouths so leaving Listerine on their teeth will not be good either since the acidity would soften teeth and make them brittle.

So, based on this fact, only young men with alkaline mouths can safely leave this product on their teeth. I prefer everyone rinses Listerine off their teeth with a dilute fluoride rinse like ACT a mouth rinse that will build strength and beauty into your teeth. ACT works best in an acidic mouth so the acidity of the Listerine prepares teeth perfectly for this final rinse.

Good luck and please let me know if you have any other questions I think xylitol and my CWT program would help you immensely.

Best Wishes,

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