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Hello and a quick question. I have developed browning at the top of my lower two front teeth, My 13 yr old asked me today what is happening to my teeth. Now I am “concerned”. I had noticed it starting about a month ago. That she noticed it and asked, I realized it has gotten to be a bit more.

Any ideas? I am still following your program exactly 100%. I still cringe (please don’t take this the wrong way) when I use Listerine. I am optimistic while I get the shock reaction from others that I am using it. “After all, you have such soft teeth”, the dentists say. I smile and think about what you said about teeth being strengthened over time.

Thank you again. I don’t mean to bother you as I am sure you are busy. I TRULY appreciate and thank you for your help.

God bless,


Hi AS,

I would suggest you read this little bit of information about staining on my website:

If your oral health improves suddenly, temporary “dead plaque” stains can result.
I am experimenting to try and figure out a way for people to get rid of them. It seems that they may be less if you give Closys a little more time on your teeth before brushing. Possibly swishing teeth with coconut oil that is supposed to remove tooth stains!

For now, I recommend that you have a dental cleaning in a little while to get these stains off your teeth and they should not return again, if you stay on the program.

These are really healthy ‘stains”. I try to teach hygienists about them so they do not unnerve patients who arrive with stains on their teeth at the end of the first six months on my program.
When are you scheduled for your next dental visit?


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