Sweeteners in ACT

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Do you think the bacteria left in calculus would feed on the sweeteners in Act?
And do you recommend Listerine before Act to remove the Closys in order to allow the Act to adhere better? i.e the acid in Listerine prepares the tooth surface?


Dear PG:

If you are using enough xylitol, plaque bacteria (that are able to use sorbitol) will be eradicated in six months. Once this population of acid loving bacteria has gone a bit of sorbitol in a rinse will not have any effect there are no bacteria for it to stimulate.

The main problem with sorbitol is for people who are consuming it regularly in gum and sugarless mints ( these people often suffer all kinds of gastric and acid  reflux problems). Also those people who have a lot of plaque the plaque bacteria use sorbitol to grow and thicken.

I hope that anyone on my program is consuming 6.5 grams of xylitol a day so the problem bacteria will be gone.

Closys should be used before brushing to lift the bacteria. The brushing with Crest will clean the gums and teeth.

The Listerine will clean toothpaste off teeth and acidify them The only time acidity is good for teeth is just before they are in contact with a dilute fluoride rinse.

The acidity makes minerals in your mouth go into the tooth surface (ACT with fluoride is a catalyst for this reaction). The result is the creation of enamel that is more acid-resistant than when you started. This means that the next time you drink orange juice etc. you will have less damage (demineralization) of your teeth because they will be more resistant.

Hope this answers your question.

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