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Dr. Ellie:

Hello, how are you?

I’m writing in regards to a problem that I have concerning my gums. I am in my thirties. I have a bone loss in my Canine tooth, which I didn’t even know. It all started with my Lateral tooth being a little swollen and bleeding when I brushed my teeth. So I decided to go to the dentist to get a deep cleaning on all my teeth. The hygienist recommended me to see the Periodontal, just for a follow up. The measurements she took with the probe was mostly a 4 but a few 5 (maybe 3). After my teeth got the cleaning, my bleeding stopped. So, on my next visit, I saw the periodontal, she gave my two options; one of them was doing a flap surgery (bone and tissue grafts) on all my mouth; second and foremost, she suggested to doing an extraction on my canine tooth and putting an implant. My canine tooth bone loss is an 8 on one side. I still don’t feel anything on that tooth.

The Periodontal specialist strongly believes that implants are the only solution to a problem. The reason why I say this is because it was all she talked about when educating me about gum disease. I also asked if there is another alternative to the problem but she insisted that if bone grafting is done on this tooth it will not last long and it’s not worth it, so all she did was continue talking about implants. She even showed me a small clip of implants.

My tooth (canine) is with no cavity and it’s the strongest tooth in the mouth. I am totally against tooth implants. I believe that by doing the flap surgery and using your system it might help my gum desease. I almost forgot to mention that i’m a candidate for this procedure. I also have bruxism. I normally do it at night but sometimes I might do it during the day without even noticing it. I was also recommended of getting a night guard and some retainers so my teeth will stay in place and not move. I already scheduled another appointment for a cleaning with the hygienist for three months.

Is Xylitol good for me or should I just stick with the system that you recommend (CWT)?
I was wondering if you think it will help get my teeth in better shape for my visit.


Dear IG,

Thanks for your message.
I am sorry that you have experienced these problems.
I would advise you to put away all the various products that you may already have tried to use for your teeth.

Get on the program that I recommend.
Be careful to use only the exact items no substitutes or cheaper alternatives.
Never use whitening or “tartar control ” products!

You will have to search for the Crest Original paste. Make sure that you use only ACT original anticavity rinse. Do not add flavor to the Closys , use it first as I explain…etc…. and make sure you use a very clean toothbrush.

How to clean a toothbrush:

Gum disease bacteria thrive and grow on toothbrushes so it is really important to use a clean toothbrush. I recommend making sure it is not stored near a toilet. It is very important to allow your toothbrush to air dry each day. Clean it after using, and allow it to air dry somewhere ‘safe”.

It sounds to me as if your problems are from too much acidity in your mouth. Maybe you have acid reflux, or you drink acidic drinks fruit juices, flavored waters, tea with lemon etc. can all contribute to softened tooth enamel. You do not have to give up your acidic drinks just make sure to eat some Zellies mints or gum after every acidic drink the xylitol in Zellies will take away mouth acidity and help to protect your teeth.

I also wonder if you have a dry mouth for some reason. Mouth dryness makes it even more important to use the rinse routine I recommend before you go to bed at night and again in the morning.

If you have a dry mouth during the night it is important to drink only “safe” alkaline drinks during the night (Fiji water or drink xylitol in water, or eat Zellies if your mouth is dry or acidic during the night).

I hope this information helps you. You need the protection from Zellies and the extra strength and periodontal help from the system (to reduce the damage to your teeth and reduce your pocketing). You have to give this system time to work it is miraculous but cannot fix everything over night!

It does not sound as if you have much to loose (except a tooth!). I would expect you should see improvements in 3-6 months.

If things seem to be getting better ask your dentist if you can continue with this system for a year before you consider the other options. You may be able to resolve the entire problem.

Please let me know the outcome I am very interested.

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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