Water rinse after ACT rinse?

Hello Dr. Ellie,

I know you say not to rinse with water in between your system, but what about after the last ACT rinse? Do I rinse with water? Or just spit out as much of the ACT rinse as I can? Thanks for all your help!


Dear RW:

Please do not rinse out after the ACT rinse! The usefulness of ACT is related to the length of time that this rinse is in contact with the outside of your teeth. The reason I like ACT Original over many other similar rinses is that this formula flows into the pits and crevices of teeth (areas at the most risk for damage and decay) and that it appears to”cling” to the tooth surface for hours so you get maximum benefits possible from such a dilute rinse.

We do not want you to ingest this rinse so it should only be used by people who are able to rinse and spit adequately. Young children should be supervised. I always suggest spitting out two or three extra times spit, spit, spit! But do not rinse the benefits away with tap water since you will take away all these wonderful benefits …….and besides we do not know the quality of your tap water it could be acidic or contain products that would inactivate ACT rinse.

If you use my system you should not need any tap water between any of the stages. Use tap water only to moisten your toothbrush before you brush and after brushing to clean off your brush before you stand it up to dry.

Hope this answers your question,


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