Oral Hygiene and Acne: A Connection?

Dr. Ellie,

Have you heard of any kind of connection between the two? I’ve always had problems with facial acne and was never one to floss and meticulously care for my oral health, but since I’ve been using act and flossing regularly I’ve actually noticed that all my acne has gone away. Not even a single blemish, for the first time in a very long time. I know good oral health has been linked to other areas of the body but could you expound on a link with acne and if there is any sort of connection that you have researched?

Thanks! – N

Hi N,
How interesting.
No, this is not an area that has been studied but it would not surprise me.

Xylitol (as you know) progressively eradicates acid producing infective strep bacteria from the mouth.

Infection from the irritation of strep bacteria has been shown to be implicated in heart disease, high blood pressure and mother’s having babies born prematurely. If gum infection is such a powerful irritant to the body then it would seem to make sense that a reactive reaction of the skin could be possible.

It is also quite interesting that there are some skin creams used by dermatologists that contain xylitol. In any case, as an acne survivor myself I know how happy you must be.

Congratulations and I hope that xylitol and ACT will help you continue to enjoy good general health.

Have you read about my Complete Mouth Care System?

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This system does add a couple more steps to your daily routine but try it for a week or two and I think you will love how clean it makes your teeth feel.

Good luck and thanks so much for your message,

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