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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I love the Complete mouth care system! It’s provides a wonderful clean feeling. I have a question regarding storage/dispensing the mouthwashes. The Closys is packaged in an opaque bottle with a screw top cap. For the sake of ease, I was considering buying an extra pump, recycling an empty Listerine bottle and transferring the Closys from the Closys container into the empty Listerine bottle so that I may pump it into my rinse cup like I do with the Listerine and the ACT. Will transferring the Closys into the clear bottle compromise the integrity of the Closys formula? If so, would I be able to cover the Listerine bottle so it blocks the effect of the light? What would you suggest? Also, I am planning to use a mini opaque shampoo bottle to carry a travel size amount of Closys with me when I travel. Is this a good way to carry Closys with me?


Dear Moz

Excellent question.

Using a clear bottle should not be any problem.

It is a very good idea to transfer Closys into another bottle for travelling. Closys bottles (all sizes) seem to leak when they are moved around or under low pressure (as when flying).

I usually make a note on my website to remind people who are travelling at vacation time I need to do this again .

I have a number of people with nifty ideas for dispensing the rinses. If you have the chance to take a picture I would be interested to show other people the idea.

Thanks so much and happy travelling!


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