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Dr. Ellie,

A friend suggested that I read your information and I have found it to be very interesting. I have two teenage grandchildren living with me and they have breath that could knock a cow out. We have discussed this problem with their dentist as well as their regular pediatric doctor and they both tell us that their stomachs must be “out of wack” its been that way for years now. I am going to try your suggestions just for that problem alone. But I have a problem myself I am 65 years old. I have a problem with an immune deficiency in my mouth. I have no natural antibodies on my tongue. Very often I have sores on my tongue and the insides of my cheeks. There are many things that I cannot eat. There have been times that I have had a hard time brushing the teeth that I have left in my mouth. I have a full plate on top and a partial on the bottom. I have four teeth left and they are in pretty bad shape. One of my basic fears in going to any dentist is that I am unable to open my mouth very wide and for very long. I also don’t want to have anymore discomfort in relation to pain (I think that is known as “a wuss”). I am thinking that the products that you have mentioned will not be able to help me. Some of my gums have started to “move up” the side of my teeth. I welcome any advice you can give.

Thank you.


Dear P,

I am delighted that you are going to consider this system for the whole family. Your teenage boys will have to give this a little try if you have trouble with them at least get started on the xylitol mints and gum.

My guess is that they consume very acidic drinks, eat sorbitol-containing snacks (which grows bad bacteria) and use the wrong toothpastes and rinses. Closys will help them a lot and if they use Regular Crest and the ACT they will love the way their teeth begin to feel. If you can get them to use the whole system with Listerine in the middle even better!

For you the same advice. Make sure you do not use any whitening, plaque control or tartar control toothpastes. Never use baking soda or peroxide in pastes or in rinses. Try a Zellies toothbrush or something similar and keep your toothbrushes away from the toilet area of the bathroom. They should be cleaned often by swishing in some Listerine and then allow the brushes to dry out completely.

Never use the pastes for Sensitive teeth either. No Crest Pro Health ONLY use original Crest paste. You will love the Zellies mints and gum and I bet you will feel the difference in days.
I see you are in Rochester Wegmans sells the Zellies products and Walgreens sells the Closys if you are looking for this product in stores.

Good luck and let me know if you need any more help,

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