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Hello Dr. Ellie,

I got my package yesterday and I very much enjoy your gum! I have been using your system for about 1 week now and LOVE it! I am so happy I stumbled onto your site! I have had a lot of “trauma” with my teeth since childhood, stemming from an extremely abusive school dentist. Since then I have encountered many wonderful dentists who have helped me overcome a lot of my phobias etc… Anyway, my questions are:

1) I tried the PH paper in my mouth after eating zellies and had good results. Then I checked the Closys and it was very alkaline, I checked the Listerine which of course is acidic, but then I checked the ACT and was surprised that it registered in the 6’s on the ph scale.. Is this normal?? I thought it was supposed to be alkaline. I checked it twice and I had 2 bottles of it and checked both, so I am a bit confused about this. I don’t want my mouth to be left acidic, and when I checked my saliva afterward it was about 6.6.

ANSWER: The ONLY time that you want your mouth to be acidic is in the presence of a dilute solution of sodium fluoride (such as ACT). The acidity factor allows the fluoride to work as a catalyst and (in this acidic environment) allow the minerals from your mouth go into the outer surface of the teeth to mineralize this outer coating. In an acidic environment these minerals form in a more perfect shape with makes teeth shinier, smoother and more resistant to acidity in the future. Well detected on your part! It is interesting stuff isn’t it!

2) My second question is more out of curiosity. I wanted to know if you yourself floss? I had read somewhere a long time ago that flossing is really not that great for your gums because it pulls the gums away from the teeth. Have you heard of this??

ANSWER: I do not floss. I tried flossing many years ago: it made my teeth hurt.
I have never seen enough reason or evidence to convince me (although these words are probably enough to cause a volcano of response from the ADA!!)

I use my system to eradicate the harmful bacteria of plaque in several different ways. I am convinced of the effectiveness of xylitol in reducing the population of plaque bacteria. Studies show Listerine will clean away immature plaque bacteria (if used every 12 hours). The use of Closys seems to get rid of the worst periodontal bacteria by those who use it as part of my system (there are no studies just reports from many people who have been using my system).

My periodontal condition is excellent I do believe in good toothbrushes and good toothbrushing, along with the use of xylitol and my rinse program.

I know many dental professionals who will admit (behind closed doors) that they do not floss. It is not at all PC to admit this. Lastly, I know people who cannot floss (disabled etc) who have excellent oral hygiene with my system no flossing.
If people want to floss I suggest they do this before they start with the rinsing system.

3) I took my 17 year old son to the dentist recently, and was shocked to find he had 2 small cavities in his 6 yr. molars, and 2 perfect holes in the sides of each of his wisdom teeth in the lower back. (He has been cavity free before this…grrrr….) The dentist figured he probably could not reach back there since it is right against his cheek. They are quite deep (no pain though) and a bit strange looking as they are two perfect holes with no visible brown spot. Do you think your system would be able to heal these? I am hoping your system will heal his small ones, but wasn’t sure if these were too big. The dentist recommended to pull these two teeth out (although they fit in his mouth) but I decided to wait and get a second opinion since we are moving in 2 months to Hawaii. In general terms would you pull wisdom teeth just because they had a cavity and may be difficult to clean in the future, or would you repair them? (I know you cannot give me individual advise without seeing x rays, but I was speaking in general terms.) His upper wisdoms are fine and cavity free.

As a preventive dentist I give nature a really good chance before I intervene.
I have seen many small occlusal and buccal cavities repair providing the system I recommend is used twice each day.

If your son is compliant I would expect these teeth to remineralize in six months.
I cannot guarantee and I do not have any X rays to see but I have stories of similar teeth that have healed – in my office and also people under the care of other dentists who have reported their success back to me. You need to combine the rinses and the xylitol in the exact order and every day. If you do not do all of this the remineralization will not occur fast enough.

Try to make your son figure out why he has cavities most likely some kind of drink even fruited water/vitamin water etc is acidic. The fact that you cannot “clean” is not so much the reason for cavities.This is a bacterial infection it will occur more easily in areas that are difficult to clean BUT it is not difficult to wash the bacteria away with rinses and by eating xylitol.

Good luck I would not want someone to have teeth extracted when a few rinses and a little xylitol could repair the problems. I would talk with your son they are his teeth and he will have to do the work to keep them. In all successful cases the person needs to care enough to DO what they need to do. Only other option is to try fluoride varnish and xylitol for a few months that works in non-compliant cases quite well.

Anyway these are my questions. I want to thank you again for giving me this information, it baffles me that I was not told about xylitol sooner! Your site is a wealth of information, and I cannot wait to let you know my results in 6 months. I will keep you posted! Please, please please don’t go anywhere, your advice is very comforting to read. It gives me hope for my own teeth and gums!!! : )

Take Care!


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