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Hi Ellie, 

My wife and I had an argument re Xylitol. My teeth are seemingly getting sparkley BUT I’m only using Xylitol in cereal AND using the Zellies mints (10-12 a day).

My wife says that it’s not possible as I’m not using the whole system. I said I’m not getting all the benefits but Xylitol can help by itself she says no way… Soooo, I’d like to keep peace BUT I seem to be seeing changes that are amazing (teeth squeaky as well) Please help (sounds like an Ann Landers letter) Blessings,

“The husband’ OH 

Hi Husband and Wife:

You are both right!
Xylitol in tea and mints will give antibacterial (plaque removing / teeth cleaning) results alone or with the system.

However, the mouth rinse system, although somewhat antibacterial, is most of all a system to remineralize/ strengthen teeth. (Think of the “system” like a strength training program for teeth). The system will be less necessary for people with mineral rich saliva, since alkaline mineral-rich saliva is naturally healing and naturally builds strength into teeth all day long.

People with acidic or mineral deficient saliva usually have weak, sensitive or stained teeth because their natural tooth-repair process does not function in an acidic mouth. These people cannot build strength into their teeth from saliva because their acidic saliva is damaging their teeth not helping them. (People with dry mouth have similar problems but for different reasons they lack ANY saliva to help their situation)

Without my system, people with acidic saliva or dry mouth (people “at risk” for tooth weakness) will have less plaque if they eat xylitol but they also need a way to strengthen teeth to make them less easily damaged by their mouth acidity. My rinse system gives strength (shine and comfort) to acid softened teeth.

Closys protects acid softened teeth before brushing to protect them from abrasion.
Listerine cleans the teeth and prepares them for ACT rinse. ACT builds minerals into enamel to make teeth more acid resistant against future mouth acidity or damage.

Like it or not, most men have different body chemistry from women! (Think about this: men can slap aftershave on their skin and leave it there few women could not imagine doing this!)

Most men have mineral-rich saliva in their mouths. Minerals from saliva go into teeth to remineralize them (think smooth, comfortable and shiny!) This does not happen for women since our saliva is often acidic, which depletes minerals from teeth.

The answer to this problem is to use my system twice a day build teeth as strong as possible and also protect teeth after meals with xylitol or other tooth-protective, alkaline foods.

Men need one word of warning! Allergies, medications, stress, hot climate or desert conditions or sleeping with an open mouth (snoring), acid reflux or aging can take away your healing saliva and leave you at risk for dental erosion and other dental problems. Even if you are happy now with xylitol alone beware the future!

My advice prepare for it and build your teeth to be as strong as possible so as to be ready for anything that may take away your natural tooth protection.

I think you should both use the system  but I understand why you are seeing results without the rinses hope I have explained this.

Best Wishes,

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