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Hello, Dr. Ellie

Thank you for your suggestions.

Most dentists seem to believe that gum tissue cannot re-grow where it has receded, and that tooth structure lost at the gumline to abrasion, acidity, etc. cannot be naturally restored. Do you agree with this? If not, would you please point me towards information that can support natural re-growth?

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Hi MT,

I believe that under the proper conditions (keeping mouth acidity under control with xylitol) oral tissues can repair. Although you may not get a completely reversal, if you follow this regimen, you should not lose any more tissue and over time you may see some slow regrowth.

I do not know of any studies showing repair even hard tissue remineralization is hard to find (enamel and dentin). In certain xylitol studies, researchers noticed that small cavities (termed “incipient” caries) seen in teeth at the start of the study had disappeared by the end of the study. For the past thirty years this interesting fact has been ignored.

Traditional dentistry has little to gain if it was discovered that flossing inhibits repair of gingival tissue. As I mentioned, you may want to swish the rinses rather than use a powerful water jet. Be gentle. Do you have a Zellies toothbrush?

I would give your situation time and plenty of xylitol. Eat a little xylitol after eating or drinking or whenever your mouth is dry.

Use the system as described and be gentle to your gum tissues.

Best Wishes,

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