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Dear Dr.Ellie,

I’m 16 years old and i have white spots on the tips of my two front teeth. I got these about 1 or 2 months after i had my braces removed. I have read many of the questions and answers from others and I noticed that you always recommended ACT. I was considering in using this product until I found out that I cant find it anywhere because well, I live in Canada. I was wondering if there is any other technique to get rid of these white spots because I have become very self conscious about it. I do wear a retainer, but it is one of those plastic life retainers that cover all my teeth from the top row. Please help me out. Thanks for the help,


Dear M,

White spots on teeth are caused by injury from acids attacking the tooth surface.

They are often seen around braces, or when someone has bad oral hygiene for a period of time.
People are amazed at the speed with which a white spot can form. White spots can usually be easily reversed / remineralized if minerals go back into the tooth surface. If the white spot is not reversed it will progress to break down and form a cavity.

To reverse a white spot you need the opposite mouth conditions from those that caused it (You need conditions that allow minerals to go back into the teeth).

Good tooth brushing use a safe non-abrasive toothpaste (I recommend Crest Original). Protect your teeth from acidic foods or drinks. The easiest way is to eat 100 percent xylitol mints or gum at the end of every meal, snack or drink. If you cannot find xylitol mints dissolve granular xylitol ( from a health food store) in water and sip this xylitol water at the end of every meal to protect your mouth. If you cannot find xylitol you can use alkaline foods to protect teeth cheese, fresh vegetables, milk.

Rinsing with a dilute sodium fluoride rinse (ACT anticavity or (in Canada) Fluoriguard) to speed the remineralization process.

It usually takes about 6 months for remineralization to occur if you are diligent about helping mineralize and constantly protecting your teeth.

Good luck,

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