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Dear Dr. Ellie:

Shipping costs to Canada from the U.S. are exorbitant now so I avoid online shopping from the U.S. whenever possible. Are Closys and ACT available in Canada (in-store, as opposed to online)? (Listerine is readily available but I have not heard of the other products before.) If not, are there other similar products available here that you would recommend? Also, are Zellies gum or mints, or other similar (Xylitol based) products available in-store in Canada? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

L. M.

Dear LM:

Thank you for your interest in Zellies and the products for the CWT system. I think you may find Closys under the name Retardex. Boots the Chemist in UK sells this product.

I believe that Fluoriguard is the closest product to ACT maybe you can purchase some ACT if you cross the border one day! Zellies is in Wegmans in Buffalo which is close to Niagara!

As for xylitol I believe that Xylichew gum is available in some health food stores (a very good product from Scandinavia). We are working on getting Zellies mints and gum into the Canadian marketplace as soon as we can!

Thanks again for your question,

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  • Randy Anderson says:

    Are ACT and Closys available in British Columbia ( Canada ) since your last post in 2009 re: availability of products in Canada. Thanking you in advance for assistance.

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