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Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I’m 16 years old. I have white spots on my two front teeth. One tooth is worse than the other. I don’t remember exactly when I noticed this, but they have been there for a couple years. I do know that they weren’t always like this though. Lately I have been very conscious about that. When I went to the dentist a couple months ago they really weren’t very helpful. They recommended crest white strips, which I used [now I learned I shouldn’t do this!]. They also mentioned veneers when I’m a little older. I don’t really want veneers! I plan on using your complete system now, however I read 2 different things on your site & now I’m beginning to wonder how effective this system will be. I read about a 40+ year old woman who had white spots from braces. You told her to use the system & said that her teeth could get better anywhere from 2-6 months. Then I read about a 9 year old girl who has white spots. In that blog it seemed like the system wouldn’t be as helpful & didn’t have much hope as far as helping the white spots. You said that over the YEARS it could help, but if not she might want to resort to cosmetic dentistry. I was just wondering what you thought would be the case in my situation, or if you could offer any insight into this. I really don’t know what to expect with the healing now, or how long it could take. I’m not trying to question your system..I just really wonder about this.

Thanks for your help,

Dear A,

A Great question and I have attached a long answer for you! ( NOTE: If you would like the document mentioned here, please email webmgr@zellies.com and put “white spots” in the subject line). Let me know if you understand it all or if you still have questions.

I will look for some pictures to try and illustrate the different kinds of white spots that occur.
I think you will be able to see the differences between the different kinds.

My guess for you would be that you had the direct white spot maybe a three week period when you did not brush and were drinking soda perhaps. A white spot can occur during a summer vacation in three weeks without a toothbrush! If you had allergies or even a broken nose that made you breathe through your mouth for a while this would have contributed to the problem.

I would guess that you resumed taking care of your teeth and that they hardened. I will be interested to know what you think about your teeth in six months. My suggestion would be to record the dates of three and six month from now on your calendar. Maybe take some photos for yourself as a record of start and finish?

You seem very interested in teeth maybe you will be a dentist!
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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  • gigi says:

    I am doing the brushing, rinsing system, after i am done, my gums are burning,i also dilute listerine withe water.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I suggest you check and ensure you have the correct products.Closys ( no flavor added) Crest Cavity Protection paste – Listerine and immediately follow with ACT.Are you using the exact rinses – did you get a booklet from me? – did you order the products from us?Here is a link to the system – ensure every single item is correct.http://www.drellie.com/pdfs/The-Kissing-System/Complete-Mouth-Care-System-Cliff-Notes-Version.pdfmore information at http://www.DrEllie.comMany people have allergies to Crest Pro Health toothpaste ( not recommended) and also ACT Total Care ( not recommended)Which flavor of the Listerine are you using?I know you called me – but I am unavailable by phone for a couple of days.

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