Dear Dr. Ellie:

My dentist has recommended my use of a Water Pik. Can this be Incorporated into your mouth care system? I do not have any major dental issues.


Dear WS:

I you are using a Water Pik I would suggest the use of Closys in it at the start of the system before brushing etc.

If you try for a while with it and then experiment without it have your dentist evaluate the outcomes it may be interesting.

I have seen people with 7-9 mm pocketing get better just by using the system swishing the rinses around. I have had messages from others who seem stuck with pockets and they are using the Water Pik.

This is not a scientific study but I would be interested in the outcomes. You could use the Water Pik for maybe 6 months and then give it up for 6 months and have an evaluation and PLEASE let me know what you think.

I am often asked this question. Thanks for your confidence in my advice I do not recommend the Water Pik because I am not sure but I am interested to learn more.


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