Less Intense Listerine

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Wow! Thank you so much….. it’s only been a few months now using the mints and ACT and Listereine on and off and I do see a big difference already. I will try what you suggested, about diluting the Listerine. What do you think about the new Vanilla Listerine, it says on the bottle less intense but same benefits? maybe I could try that?

– L

Hi Linda,

I am happy that I have been able to convince you to give your teeth a work out!

Vanilla mint is a good option It is important to only use flavors that have an ADA shield of acceptance on the front of the bottle. You can still dilute it if you need to. You will probably find you can “work up” the strengths in time.

NEVER use any of the advanced formulas , plaque control or whitening Listerine these ones do not have this shield of acceptance.

The ADA did not issue acceptance for good reason many of these products contain harsh chemicals – some can act as co-carcinogens.

Please keep in touch I am happy that the advice is helpful.

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