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I have a question concerning the complete mouth care system. Doesn’t CloSys kill bacteria like Listerine? I know the CloSys is needed to achieve a neutral PH before brushing but why the Listerine too? And now with the new Listerine Total Care, could you use this instead of adding the ACT?


Hi KZ,

Here is a little experiment to explain:

Rub dirt into your finger nails, especially under your cuticles. Now wash your hands.
The dirt will probably remain under the cuticles difficult to lift out even with a nail brush.

Put a drop of Closys on your nails rub for a minute then wash your hands. You will see perfect clean nails! This is why I recommend Closys before brushing the results speak for themselves.

You could never use Listerine before brushing because it is acidic. Listerine has a pH of 4.2 and this would soften the enamel before brushing which would mean you would wear away the enamel.

Listerine also works differently. Closys appears to “lift” debris/bacteria from the pockets around teeth. The oils in Listerine “pop/burst/disintegrate/loosen” small spherical (immature) bacteria on the tooth surface.

Small spherical bacteria (if left to grow on the tooth surface)become more aggressive and wormy looking : the bacteria of plaque ( this takes about 12-18 hours). If you read the label on your Listerine bottle it clearly states “Listerine kills the germs that cause plaque and gum disease….” It does NOT say that Listerine kills the germs of gum disease…..

Listerine kills young bacteria whereas Closys appears seems to be able to lift out “old” germs around teeth. The rinses are entirely different and they work on different kinds of bacteria.
Together, used in my system, they are amazing!

Now for your last question about Listerine Total Care. The Listerine solutions ( Original/Cool Mint) that I recommend is acidic. Acidic things are generally not good for teeth because they “melt” the outer enamel of teeth and cause enamel to dissolve.The only time that acidity is actually GOOD for teeth is immediately before contact with ACT (dilute sodium fluoride solution).

The ingredients in ACT work as a catalyst to allow “melted” crystals to form back again, but into smoother, more perfect enamel crystal shapes. The “new” crystals on the outside of the tooth are rounded with less corners, which makes your teeth feel shinier and look brighter. Most of all this process makes the enamel more acid-resistant and stronger than it was before you started!

Will Total Care do the same as my system? I honestly don’t know for sure but I doubt it.

Hope this helps,

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